Wet Platinum Information

Wet Platinum Information, everything you ever want to know about Wet Platinum products, One of wets top sellers.

Platinum frequently asked questions.

Why Platinum is called the “Premium” formula? Our slogan for Platinum is “Guaranteed Never Sticky!” We manufacture this 100% pure silicone formula in the USA with the highest grade silicone available. It is blended and tested to the highest quality standards with pure pleasure in mind. Silicone does not break down in water so a small amount lasts and lasts. For all types of play, this is the Premium Choice!

Can I use Platinum in a hot tub or spa? Platinum “Works Great, Even Under Water!” Whether your adventures take you to the pool, the hot tub, the ocean or the lake, Platinum will perform for you. Caution: Wet Platinum is super slippery so use extreme caution when getting in and out of the water after use.

Since Platinum does not break down with water, how do I wash up after using it? Mild soap and warm water will easily wash away any residual Platinum from skin. Mild soaps which do not contain moisturizers work best.

How do I clean the stains from my sheets? Platinum (silicone) based Body Glide will stain certain fabrics such as satin. We suggest testing a small amount of Platinum on your sheets to see if it stains. Concentrated stain removers may remove the stain.

Can I use Platinum as a Massage Lotion? Yes! This long-lasting silicone based formula is perfect for a sensual massage because it is “Guaranteed Never Sticky”. It never dries so it leaves the skin feeling soft, silky, and moisturized. Use caution when applying. A little bit goes a long way. It may be best to lay a towel under the body as this formula may stain sheets.

Is Platinum safe to use with other silicone products, toys, etc.? We do not recommend using Wet Platinum with other silicone based products. Generally, the use of a silicone body glide will deteriorate a silicone product over a period of time. Please consult the manufacturer’s instructions for that item.

Is Platinum good for use with leather and latex clothing? Polishing with Wet Platinum Body Glide will add extra shine and moisture and revitalize leather and latex. This product will not degrade those materials.