Wet Lubricants

Wet Lubricant
Buy WET Lubricant it is one of our favorite longtime brands of Personal lubricant for men or women.. Choose from New Wet Uranus, Synergy lubricants, Wet Original, Wet Light, Wet Flavored Lubricant, new Wet Ecstasy and Pheromone Formula Wet lubricant in then easy to use bottles! Lubrication Wet J/O Oils also! Kitty Body shave for Women, Wet Together for him and her, Wet Together Lubricant Wet Shave cream for Men & women. Some are water based or silicone based and safe to use with condoms. Wet Heating fun flavor and J/O are NOT for use with condoms. (Packaging may very from image, due to manufacturer) We contribute a portion of our profits to not-for-profit safer-sex and safer-sex education organizations.

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Men Like It Wet, Women Like It Wetter…

Why Wet ®Naturals? For Those With Sensitive Skin Who Prefer A Water Based Formula

Beautifully Bare ™ and Sensual Strawberry

Glycerin Free, Paraben Free Hypoallergenic & PH Balanced For Her Enriched with Vitamins & Antioxidants Sensual Strawberry is Lightly Scented & Naturally Flavored Hot Tip! You can get more out of your water-based Wet® Personal Lubricant formulas by rehydrating the skin as the lubricant starts to dry. Keep a small spray bottle of water next to the bed. A cool mist of water helps to reactivate the lubricant and also feels great. The mist can be quite sensual, adding to the overall experience.

Watch the video explaining the difference between water based and silicone lubricant and where to use them?

Why Wet Naturals ®?

For Those With Sensitive Skin Who Prefer A Waterproof Formula

Silky Supreme ™

Silicone Based Hypoallergenic Glycerin Free, Paraben Free Hot Tip! In addition to being Wet’s longest lasting formula for sensitive skin, Wet®] Naturals Silky Supreme ™ is also an amazing massage lotion. To start an erotic massage, pour a desired amount into your hands first and rub them together. This heats up the lubricant and your hands. Silky Supreme is silicone based so it doesn’t break down in water. It is also recommended for relief from extreme personal dryness.

Note: Silicone lubricants may stain fabrics.