Testimonials from our customers

Testimonials from our customers, reviews of us or our service or products here at 1StopCondomShop.com from actual customers:

Comments: Great prices, got the order fast, what more could I ask for!

Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Comments:The over all experience at the site was great. They were the only online condom retailer that had the product i was looking for and a very inexpensive price as well. The only problem i had was that the packaging of the product was not very discreet. The outside may not have said anything about condoms on it but the package itself was a thin paper envelope and when you picked it up you could clearly feel that there were condoms inside. I was very relieved that i got the package from the mail man and not my very conservative christian mother or grandmother. If they just start shipping their products in different containers they will be a great site that i would recommend to friends. (Editors note: Packages are shipped from "order processing", no mention of the contents if shipped in the USA. We are a green company and ship in envelopes instead of boxes whenever possible.)

Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Comments: I just wanted to tell you folks how impressed I am with your service. I think anytime someone is dealing with a new "mail order" company there's always the fear of, "Oh man how long is this gonna take or Am I going to get ripped off?" Not only do you offer the lowest prices around for quality, in stock items, but the delivery was MORE than fast- I've ALREADY received my order! ;-) Not only am I please with fast delivery, but when I opened the package and kept pulling the FREE samples out and the more than ample supply of condoms- I felt like I had gotten WAY MORE value for my purchase! Bottom line- would I do business with you folks again? YOU BET! Will I tell people about my great experience with you guys? YOU BET! Thank you very much! Jim, NY