STR8CAM Pure Silicone Lube 8oz

STR8CAM Pure Silicone Lube 8oz
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Product Description

STR8cam Lube Pure Silicone 8oz is made of 100% pure clear silicone that lasts Contains no Glycerine, Parabens, Fragrance, Odor, Taste, Chemicals or additives. The perfect blend of pure silicone. You won't be disappointed Safe on skin, toys, condoms, leather, latex, neoprene, silicone, and all materials. Will not stain and it's hypo-allergenic & blended to last as long as you can. Never gets sticky and doesn't dry out. Uses the finest high grade silicone's available. You will feel the difference 4 silicone's can make Extremely slippery & smooth. Not greasy & it won't ruin your gear or toys. Our longest lasting formula. Clear and not colored. All purpose personal lubricant that's perfect for any occasion STR8cam Lube Pure Silicone is unlike any other silicone lubricant available. Ships discreet in a plain package that comes from GC Resources. STR8cam Lube Pure Silicone never dries. It's our longest lasting formula. STR8cam Lube Pure Silicone is 100% silicone based lube that lasts. Safe to use with condoms and toys. STR8cam Lube Pure Silicone is perfect for anal, vaginal, masturbation, sex, solo and much more. It's clear and not colored.