Romantic Classics Firelight DVD

Romantic classics by firelight dvd
Romantic classics by firelight dvd
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Romantic classics by firelight, firelight DVD, fire on a dvd! RELAXING SOUNDS...of a snapping...sizzling...crackling fireplace!

SOOTHING VISIONS... of dancing flames... flickering candles...long stemmed roses... and wine filled crystal!

ROMANTIC MELODIES... of the world's greatest love themes arranged in a passionate... sensual... and soothing style!

Romantic Classics by Firelight includes: My Heart Thine Own Sweet Voice Romeo and Juliet To a Wild Rose Love Me Tender Danny Boy Greensleeves Swan Lake Concerto in D Minuet in G Minor Cannon in D Clare De Lune The World's Greatest Love Themes by Tchaikovsky, Pachelbel, Debussy and more...performed on Passionate Baby Grand Piano, Bass, & Strings arranged in a Soothing, Sensual Style and accompanied by the Romantic Sounds of a Snapping, Sizzling, Crackling Fireplace! For those special moments! To be enjoyed over and over again! Makes the perfect gift

Approximately 45 Minutes.