Small condoms

Small Condoms
Get small condoms, Smaller fitting condoms also know as snugger fitting condoms, small condoms. By lifestyles, contempo, exotica. Snugger fit condoms, choose from small condoms from LifeStyles. (Lifestyles is currently the only brand making smaller condoms).

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LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condoms
Regular price: $0.79
Sale price: $0.65, 12/$5.00, 24/$7.95, 50/$13.95, 100/$22.95
IRON GRIP Snugger Fit Lubricated Condom
Regular price: $0.75
Sale price: $0.50, 12/$4.25, 24/$7.30, 50/$12.50, 100/$20.95

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These are the smallest condoms we have been able to find (besides novelty condoms which are not certified for actual use). Some men feel these are not small enough for them, but they are the only condoms we can locate. If you know of another brand that gets into this size, let us know. You can buy online with us at a discount 24 hrs a day. and are trademarks of GC Resources LLC. articles | condoms